What is the idea and vision behind this marketplace for sound logos and jingles?

We believe sound (sound logos and jingles) can enhance any brand identity, whether it’s a large corporation or a small start-up.

Until now, there was hardly any way for smaller companies and brands to quickly find and buy a suitable sound logos and jingles to support their unique brand recognition. This is because, in most cases, the cost was simply too high (professional brand sound development starts at a few thousand euros). Furthermore, the sound logos or matching music tracks on stock music portals are not exclusive and not suitable for shaping a unique sonic branding. This gap is closed by this marketplace – also at affordable prices to buy ready-made branded sounds. We make sonic branding affordable for everyone!

Why are you selling the sound files with exlusive licences (full buyout)?
We all love simple and straightforward solutions – never thinking about any usage rights is a great thing for brand creators. And – all artists set the prices for all sound creations. Brand-Sound.com offers them the market platform for that.

Why do you offer the sound logos and jingles only once?
The sounds are intended to be used for a brand or a company as recognition value. For this purpose, it is mandatory that only this brand owns and is allowed to use this sound.

After the purchase, am i the owner of the usage rights?
Yes, you can do what you want with the audio files. Even use it in an global TVC.

Are the sounds really unique and not copies of existing sound logos and jingles?
All sound producions that are on the marketplace are unique creations. But we are honest: there is no 100% guarantee that somewhere in the world someone has created a similar composition.

Who are the creators behind the soundlogos?
We only offer sound logos and jingles of experienced brand sound professionals.

Are the sound logos and jingles protectable?
As shown in the various sound logos descriptions, we estimate the potential of protectability in terms of sound design (e.g. melody or sound effects only). But we cannot guarantee the protectability in the form of registration as a sound trademark.

How do you ensure that the same sounds are not sold twice in the marketplace?
We use analysis software to compare new sound inputs for similarities with already sold sound files. But to be honest: melodic or tonal similarities cannot be excluded.